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Pray for Nepal Be with Nepal

Donation for Nepal.
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Pray for Nepal. Image:
Pray for Nepal. Are you ready to help?
Act now, and start to donate some money to help the earthquake victims in Nepal. They desperately need your help.

Nepal grieving after a major earthquake struck the Hindu beautiful country. More than 5,000 Nepalese have lost their lives, as well as foreigners and some of them are the climbers who were climbing the Himalayas, the highest mountain, the roof of the world - and is believed to be the abode of the Gods. 

In the epic story of Mahabharata, Yudhisthira, King of Astina Pura, one of Panca Pandavas who reached the summit of the Himalayas along with a dog, and finally they get to heaven. As well as of India, the country does have a lot of stories and interesting history, which is in the middle of society and culture of Nepal. One day you need to visit this country as a tourist or mountaineer to climb to the top of the world, Himalaya or Mount Everest.

In addition to thousands of earthquake victims, many historic sites of ancient Hindu era which was destroyed, so are the houses, government buildings, badly damaged roads, disrupted communications, and other events that make and make the world mourned. Your concerns can be transformed into a way to help the earthquake victims in various places in Nepal. 

Let us show our solidarity, and we help the people of Nepal so that they can survive and create a better future.

The beauty of this country is now torn apart, and in desperate need of assistance of the international community. Are you also going to show you care? You can certainly help them to survive and rise again from the rubble of an earthquake.

pray for Nepal, Nepal Hindu country, Himalaya, earthquake in Nepal, be with Nepal, help nepal, donation for Nepal
Be with Nepal. Image:
The world is not just concerned and grieving, but solidarity of the world is now devoted to Nepal. Various international aid by both the government and the donors, philanthropists, community organizations, along with hundreds of thousands of other individuals are also ready to help to alleviate the heavy burden that is being borne by the people of Nepal. 

We, as an online community and readers of this article can also greatly help the people of Nepal to survive, and can through a critical period safely. Now is the time to help fellow human beings in Nepal. Let's help Nepal now. We could help many elderly people, women, children, and the victims of the earthquake in Nepal.

Online communities and the surfers websites and social media is not only able to convey his concern and grief through facebook, twitter, tumbler, instagram, and other social media networks, but Nepalese society desperately needs your action. The door is open to you if you want to join the volunteers and dove right in Nepal to assist the authorized officers of Nepal to save many people from earthquake ruins.

If you are busy with your work, you can donate a portion of your income through various channels solidarity Fund for Nepal. If you want immediate help, then you can click on the icon or PayPal banner on this website. Every dollar that you contribute must be very significant for the people of Nepal. You can use credit cards such as Visa, Master, American Express and other credit cards. PayPal is a secure online payment system in the world. We will distribute your funds as soon as possible to the people of Nepal. 

pray for Nepal, Nepal Hindu country, Himalaya, earthquake in Nepal, be with Nepal, help nepal, donation for Nepal

Wonderful Nepal. Image:
One day, the people of Nepal who love the world peace, must be very grateful to us all. If the Nepali people can get through this severe incident, then they will have the spirit to rebuild their country. On one day you can visit the beautiful Nepal as tourists or great mountaineer. 

You will enjoy the natural beauty of this wonderful country. You will witness the hospitality of the population of Nepal, and you can also admire the unique variety of stunning Hindu temple. Nepal is a country that deserves to be visited, at least once in your life.

Please share this information with family, friends and anyone around the world through your networks such as facebook, twitter, google +, whatsapp, tumblr, and other social networks are now connected with you. Nepalis must be very grateful to your help and support.

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