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Pray for Nepal Be with Nepal

Donation for Nepal.
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Pray for Nepal. Image:
Pray for Nepal. Are you ready to help?
Act now, and start to donate some money to help the earthquake victims in Nepal. They desperately need your help.

Nepal grieving after a major earthquake struck the Hindu beautiful country. More than 5,000 Nepalese have lost their lives, as well as foreigners and some of them are the climbers who were climbing the Himalayas, the highest mountain, the roof of the world - and is believed to be the abode of the Gods. 

In the epic story of Mahabharata, Yudhisthira, King of Astina Pura, one of Panca Pandavas who reached the summit of the Himalayas along with a dog, and finally they get to heaven. As well as of India, the country does have a lot of stories and interesting history, which is in the middle of society and culture of Nepal. One day you need to visit this country as a tourist or mountaineer to climb to the top of the world, Himalaya or Mount Everest.

In addition to thousands of earthquake victims, many historic sites of ancient Hindu era which was destroyed, so are the houses, government buildings, badly damaged roads, disrupted communications, and other events that make and make the world mourned. Your concerns can be transformed into a way to help the earthquake victims in various places in Nepal. 

Let us show our solidarity, and we help the people of Nepal so that they can survive and create a better future.