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Do you believe in reincarnation? Then, who are you in the past?

Do you believe in reincarnation or Samsara? If you believe, then you imagine who you are or, as if you are in your life in the past? Is it possible that you will be reborn in the future, and where? Whether as a musician or become a famous billionaire.

Also believed that Karma (what you did in the past) will also affect the new life in the present or in the future. Experience during your life in the last century, probably will be an opportunity for you to fix in your new birth, that reincarnation is believed to be an opportunity to do good things or Dharma.
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Reincarnation cycle. Image:

From wikipedia there are quotations as follows: Reincarnation (from the Latin for "born again" or "born in originally" or tumitis or numitis (Balinese and Javanese word), refers to the belief that someone was going to die and be reborn in the form of another life. The birth was not a manifestation physical as our existence today. the born again it is the soul of the person who took a particular form in accordance with the results of his behavior in the past.

There are two main streams of reincarnation in the world: first, those who believe that humans will continue to be reborn. Secondly, those who believe that humans will stop born originally in a while when they do good things when life as a human being, or if it gets supreme consciousness (Nirvana) or united with God (moksha). Hinduism believes in the second stream.

Rebirth is a two-step process of birth in a previous life. In Hinduism and Buddhism, the philosophy of reincarnation teaches people to be aware of the actual happiness and responsible for the fate that is being received. If the man was tied to the cycle of reincarnation, then his life was not spared from the grief. During soul bound to the results of bad deeds, then he will be reincarnated into a person who is always sorrow.
reincarnation, Hinduism, karma, atma, global hindu, reincarnation proof, Nirvana, Moksha, numitis, rebirth, Dharma, samsara
Karma and reincarnation. Image:

In the Hindu and Buddhist philosophy, reincarnation process gives people a chance to enjoy the highest happiness. This happens when humans are not affected by the pleasures and the pains of the world that never feel sorrow, and if they understand the real meaning of life. At this life, we have many opportunities for a better life, and do good karma, so we can be one with God or live happily in Nirvana.

Is there any concrete evidence of reincarnation?

Reincarnation (the Law of Samsara) literally means 'entering the body again' or 'transmigration of souls', although different concept of reincarnation is real believed by some stream of Hinduism, Buddhism and a splinter group of Islam and Christianity. Although it is very difficult to provide evidence that reincarnation exists, many studies have claimed evidence of human reincarnation in the world.

There is a story about reincarnation in the modern world, perhaps you can you believe to be evidence of the existence of reincarnation.

The story of the Austrian Edward:

A 4 year old boy named Edward Austrian has a phobia day overcast and gray clouds. Besides these infants also had problems with his throat and often complain of pain. Whenever throat ache, Edward always complaining, "Hit the shot was sick". Edward then recounts in detail when in a previous life he served as a soldier during World War I where he eventually died because of a shot in the throat. On the day when he died, was blanketed in gray overcast.
Edward Austrian. Image:

Initially doctors thought this famous children's tonsils, but upon inspection it turns out there is a cyst in his throat which is large enough. Surprisingly, after Edward tells a story about a previous life, suddenly cysts disappear by itself. 

Doctors said it was not know how suddenly a cyst growing in her throat that toddlers can suddenly disappear. Because according to the experience of the doctor, the cyst may not disappear overnight.
The story of the Rebirth of Cameron Macaulay

Since the age of two years, Cameron Macauley had told his mother that he came from an island called Barra, located on the west coast of Scotland. Macauley also tells the story of a white house on a beach near the airfield. In addition, he also said to have black and white dog father's name in a previous life was Shane Robertson, who died hit by a car.
Because children often whine'm invited to Barra nostalgic reasons to 'other mother', Macauley was taken on a plane to Barra. And indeed, the family Macauley find a white house near the airstrip which is located on the beach. 

The house is owned by a man named Robertson and it is true that the family used to have a black and white dog who is now dead. Macauley little too familiar with hallways and rooms in the mansion. Stories about reincarnation Macauley has been documented in a TV show in the UK which makes it one of the best reincarnation story.

There are many stories about reincarnation in the world, you can search on search engines like Bing, Yahoo or Google. Confidence about rebirth or reincarnation is a unique human life. You are free to choose to believe, doubt or you reject altogether about reincarnation. However, you need to ponder more deeply, that you live in this world because you have a soul, and one day the soul or Atma will leave your body. Do you know where the Atma go?